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Smelling the Roses

You know that age old saying, “stop and smell the roses”?

Well July 2018 is that month for me. I’ll be stopping and smelling those damn roses a bunch this month! Or maybe I should say I’m creating my own roses to smell.

Since graduating from college, life has felt like this huge question mark mixed with a bunch of stress, topped with a sprinkle of sadness. Finding things I enjoy has been quite a trial and error. I’m excited to pursue many activities this month that I know will be enjoyable.

Here’s a bit of what you can expect from me in the upcoming weeks. I’m going to blog about my journeys in July.

The first weekend I’m visiting my best friend Jenna in the Twin Cities before her and her husband set off on a never ending road trip in an RV. They’ve been a huge inspiration for me when it comes to reaching for my goals. I lived with this lovely lady in our Sorority house in college for a couple years. We bounced travel dreams off of each other and related on many levels. I cannot wait to catch up with this girl. She’s now a yoga instructor and teaches at various locations throughout the U.S., she even taught at Electric Forest this summer! What a badass!

After catching up with this spitfire of inspiration, the following weekend I’ll be growing even more as a writer. This is what I look forward to the most (besides the weekend after it) this summer. I am attending a Writer’s Retreat with Chippewa Valley Writer’s Guild. Here I will have the opportunity to learn from Michael Martone and others attending the retreat. Our workshops will focus on beginnings, middles and endings of prose writing. I feel like my writing is very repetitive and my vocabulary could expand. I can’t wait to learn from other writers in my community and the very talented Martone. Oh, the food will also be HEAVEN. I got a peak at the menu and cannot stop drooling. *yuuuummm* Don’t worry, I’ll share. (well, photos that is)

Lastly, my third week/weekend of July consists of my first ever family reunion! How many of you have attended a family reunion?! I NEVER have. My dad decided he wanted to see the family, because our extended family live all over the U.S. and nowhere near Wisconsin. So, thankfully everyone is coming to the good ol’ Midwest and we’ll be meeting up in Wisconsin Dells. Helloooo water parks, campfires, cabin lodges and lots of getting to know distant relatives! It’ll be amazing to see everyone as I can’t remember when I’ve seen my extended family, probably when I was in elementary school over 15 years ago. *gasp* Time sure does fly by.

All of these amazing happenings involve being social, which I generally get socially exhausted from too much of it. BUT I also am so interested in hearing about other’s stories that I cannot wait to meet, learn, reminisce, laugh, write and share with all these beautiful humans.

Life is pretty good sometimes. You just have to stop and smell the roses, or create your own to smell.



Coming to Espy Girl soon:

  • An interview with Eau Claire musician Spencer Schauer
  • Photos and more about my trip visiting Jenna – maybe an interview 🙂
  • Writing and reflection on my first retreat with Chippewa Valley Writers Guild
  • Family history and stories from the Vieth family reunion in the Dells

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