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Share the Love Series: Nourish Neighbors at The Community Table

We need food to live, it’s an essential part of life. Yet there are millions of people in the United States who are food insecure. It’s said to be around 41 million to be exact. I feel a little guilty typing that out, as I’m at a coffee shop eating salad and drinking hot cocoa prepared for me. When I think about it, most of my money goes towards food. After bills come out, the rest is gobbled up by food. (no pun intended)

In this share the love post I’ll be talking about a local nonprofit which helps relieve food insecurity for those in Eau Claire, WI. (First post of the series can be found here.) This wonderful place is called, The Community Table. They serve one meal per day, 365 days a year – that means holidays too! This caring place is open to anyone in the community that feels they need it. Those who have low income, perhaps are struggling just for a moment with finances, disabilities, homeless, anyone! If you’re in need of a good hot meal, you’re welcome to eat at The Community Table.

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The Community Table Mission: The Community Table’s Mission is to serve balanced, nutritious meals in a safe, welcoming environment and to connect those in need with existing resources. We do this by engaging diverse volunteers in service and by fostering partnerships with local organizations. TCT also enlightens the public to issues of hunger in our community; and supports efforts of community agencies to increase the self-reliance of individuals and families.

Serving meals every day calls for many helping hands. Volunteers can bring out their inner chef in the kitchen. Food preparation, dish washing, greeting, and clean up are just some of the tasks The Community Table needs help with. To make volunteering even more fun, you can gather a group of friends or coworkers to prepare and serve everything for a day. Or, you can jump in solo and meet a bunch of new friendly people. You even get to eat at the table and interact with guests. How fun is that?!

volunteer, community table, community, eau claire, food, food insecurity

Teams can be between 6-12 people. When working as a team, The Community Table plans menus and provides food in exchange for a $125 minimum donation and 8 gallons of milk. This helps utilize donated food and pay the rent to their location.

To volunteer you can sign up via their website. They have different times each day to fit your schedule. The volunteer schedule is: Monday, Wednesday, Thursdays (June-Labor Day) from 9am-2pm, Tuesdays 3pm-7pm, Fridays (Sept-May) 3pm-7pm (June-Labor Day) 9am-2pm, Saturdays 9am-2pm and Sundays 1pm-5pm.

Help stop food insecurity by nourishing those in your community. Volunteer with The Community Table and make a difference to those in the Eau Claire area.



Keep a look out on Espy Girl for more share the love posts coming soon.

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