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Reading Goals To Improve Writing Goals

Reading was always a bore to me growing up.


Yet, I want to read more.


Yes, it’s a new year, but I wouldn’t say this is a resolution.

Resolutions are silly to me.


We should always have a goal to work towards. So, I’ve decided, I won’t be making any resolutions this year, next year or any year after that. I will instead constantly create goals to better myself. Because who actually follows through with ‘resolutions?’

As a blogger, which maybe you can relate, I would like to continue to improve my writing skills. I’m always googling things, as many seem to do in this day and age. My mind will get lost reading random articles that google found for me. I figured, if I can read all of these, why not put that to use and start reading more books?! 

Yeah, you’re probably thinking, ‘how does this girl write, but not read?!’ You know, I’m not even sure. That could be why my writing is so simple at the moment. I think I’m just drawn to the artistic image and feeling writing gives me vs. reading. As you may have read in my about me, I’ve loved art since I was a wee little girl. (I guess I’m still kind of little, but my age has grown.)

Anywho, I’ve decided that I’ll read at least one book per month. While reading I’ll write down words that I either don’t know, or would like to use in my writing. This way it will help improve my writing as I enjoy a good book all in one! Once I’ve completed said book, I would like to write a review about it on Espy Girl. What do you guys think? 

Right now I’m reading, Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things by Jenny Lawson. She definitely makes me crave reading and I never want to put her book down. I completely recommend this book even though I’m not finished yet (sometimes ya gotta put the book down). Within just a couple pages I found myself literally laughing out loud. I can also relate to some of her struggles such as anxiety and depression. It’s a new way of looking at mental illness and I love it.

Now, here’s a little something that may interest you or inspire you if reading is your thing. I am going to be a part of a ‘Traveling Book Club’. What is this you ask? Well, kind of, sort of like the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but those in the club ship books to each other and write in them. Yep, we write IN the books!

How it works is each person suggests a couple books they’ve been wanting to read, everyone in the group votes on which one they like best (for each person). Then everyone reads their vote winning book and writes little notes, comments, thoughts in the margins. Once completed, each month the book will be shipped to another person in the group until all books have been read and written in by everyone and returned to their owner! Isn’t that cool?! I feel so nerd-ily excited!

All of this reading, margin writing, note taking and collaboration with friends will surely get my brain moving. I can’t wait to learn new words and get inspired for my writing.


Have you ever participated in a traveling book club? What are some of your favorite books? Have you noticed that reading improves your writing skills?

I cannot wait to hear about your thoughts! Oooo and hey, I have a Goodreads account. Feel free to follow me. 🙂

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