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Meet Measha

Hello! I’m Measha, it’s nice to meet cha!

Welcome to my blog, Espy Girl – a girl and her discoveries. Here’s some fun stuff about me and this site.

I’ve always described myself as a socially awkward and artistic person (#awkwardturtle photo above). My whole life, art has been there for me. I took all the elective classes: painting, sculpture, jewelry making, drawing, pottery, photography, you name it! Getting my hands messy and my right brain churning was a huge part of my childhood and teen life. Doing so I thought, “hey, that should be what I get a degree in right?” So, I did, but boy was I wrong! College helped me discover so many other passions instead!

Jump to now, I still haven’t used my Graphic Design degree (I don’t really want to). Instead, I’ve been contributing writing to a my city’s local entertainment magazine Volume One, while trying to find where I fit in this world. I enjoy meeting people all over (even though I’m socially awkward, weird huh?) and at times writing about it. So I figured, why not branch out and do that on my own? See, I live in this city that has been multiplying it’s arts, entertainment, and foodie scene like rabbits! This magical city is, Eau Claire WI. Born and raised here, I came back after school as I didn’t want to miss out on the artsy action!

What does Measha do with her life?

You know, that’s a good question. I, myself, am not sure half of the time, but hey that’s okay! Lately, my passion is discovering others passions. Seeing what makes them light up, makes them tick, it gets me feeling the same way. I want the whole world to be a part of this! I’ve been an avid 365 photography challenge participant for a few years, but instead of a photo challenge I use it to journal about my discoveries. These journal rants include topics such as: emotions, beers (sometimes together), new towns, authors, musicians, my relationship, friendships, family, restaurants and more!

So, I created Espy Girl to share these discoveries – OURdiscoveries and passions. We’re going to have some fun, I promise.

Concerts, especially local ones are a huge thing for me. I need them to survive, you guys! There’s something about watching people pour their hearts out in front of strangers. It gives me that feel good feeling, you know? I go to a local show at least once a week.

Another enjoyment for me is yoga, I grew up watching my mom do those at home work out videos. After a while she got me to join her. Child’s pose is my favorite, you just kind of curl up in a ball and chill (yoga for lazy people, like me). I’m loving aerial yoga lately and pole fitness! Who knew fitness classes could be so fun and beautiful!

A few more get to know Measha facts are: I support small businesses it’s rad, we all should. Board games are also rad (big CATAN fan yo). The boyfriend and I disc golf a lot and it’s the only sport I participate in, well I guess unless you count those fitness classes I mentioned. I love to travel and have gone on an east coast road trip, flown to Italy, and New Zealand. Lastly, I’ve recently gotten into self help books – funny and brutally honest ones like Mark Manson’s.

Espy Girl, why that name? What are you going to talk about?

Glad you asked! Espy Girl is about discovering (and writing about) people, places, and things that may otherwise go unnoticed. Small town artists, bands, restaurants, organizations, or even feelings, and life in general. I want to be raw and honest about everything. That’s what relationships are about right? If you’re interested in an interview and/or being featured on Espy Girlfeel free to email me an inquiry at [email protected]