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Fav. Local Business has a Permanent Location | Dotters Books

I am all about supporting local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, you name it. There’s one business in particular that’s inspired me throughout this year whilst working on my writing and pushing myself to read more. That business is Dotters Books. Dotters is a small, local, women run and owned bookstore. (Women power!) They just opened their own permanent location this past weekend! I was SUPER excited to check it out!

I’ve been following these ladies due to a friend of mine, Ashly, whom is an avid reader/book worm. Ashly invited me to participate in her traveling book club earlier this year. In this club, a few ladies and I each choose two books we would like to read. We then take a vote on which of each person’s options we like best. Once the books are decided on we read and write comments in them – then exchange our books monthly via snail mail onto the next person until we receive ours back. It’s a fun way to connect with friends outside of technology and social media while also educating yourself and discovering a new book you may love.

While book discussions were under way in our Facebook group, Dotters came about at some point. I looked into a monthly subscription box of theirs and attended a pop-up shop they held at Shift Cyclery and Coffee Bar (another favorite local business of mine). During my visit, I met Margaret and I believe Elizabeth – both owners of Dotters. They were so very warm and welcoming. Their passion for reading was strong and they gave me many amazing book suggestions. I now have way more books than I have reading time. If you’re ever looking for something to read, hit me up.

After months of following their pop-up shops, Instagram posts and book subscription boxes, now anyone can stop in and chat with these lovely ladies and purchase a book from them. Their cute, little shop is located on the East Hill at 1602 Hogeboom Avenue, Eau Claire WI 54701. Here you’ll find a variety of books for adults, young adults and a separate room filled with children’s books. You can also browse their books online. Again, I’m so excited about this place! Dotters is definitely a shop the Chippewa Valley needed and I hope you get a chance to check them out. <3


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dotters, dotters books, bookstore, book worm, chippewa valley,

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