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Get Shit Done – Summer 2018

The summer of work and getting shit done.

More than ever, 2018 has been a year where my future and goals clog up my mind. I’ve got that home buying fever, but no savings for a down payment. *sigh* Right now, my new job is keeping me busy enough that I feel like there isn’t a time I’m not thinking about my job or my home buying fever. I have so many things to do that my mantra for the summer is to ‘get shit done.’

Growing up is a strange thing.

When I was younger, I often found many things uninteresting, ugly, ‘lame’ that older people around me enjoyed. Now that I’m older, I enjoy those things! Children are hypocrites and they don’t even realize it. 😛 I find myself loving dark clothing (give me black on black baby!) as much as my mother used to when I was young. Of course I always gave her crap about dressing in blacks and blues and now that she’s older, she dresses colorfully.

Another thing I despised at a young age was shopping channels on TV (mom LOVED QVC), home items, all that jazz. Now I am absolutely obsessed with HGTV and home furnishing/decoration stores. They’ve become a dangerous place for my credit card to exist in.

When you’re younger, you don’t really have many cares in the world, except to run around the neighborhood with friends playing cops and robbers before it gets dark. Now that I’m older I feel like I only have so much time to achieve so many things.

I’m a Manager?

Besides daydreaming of buying a home with my love, I’ve been working at a new organization for a little over a month now. The nonprofit world sucked me in and I don’t see myself leaving anytime soon.

I took on a new position, which didn’t really have a job description at all, but my title is ‘Programs Manager’. So, I would assume I manage the programs and those who work with them. Well, I’ve been doing that and a whole lot more. Social Media management, website updating, AND the big one – fundraising! I work with our new Campaign Director on six major fundraisers for the organization. Meetings have been pushing their way into my dreams at night. I’ve never been so invested in a job position. I actually have dreams about getting shit done you guys.

My summer calendar is filled with my new job, but it’s quite exciting. I look forward to helping this organization grow while knowing we are helping many people in the area. I also hope to grow as a manager, since this is my first management position there is a lot to learn.

Goals, on goals, on goals.

That’s another thing about growing older. I enjoy a good challenge, growth, and accomplishing goals. I think goals are important for everyone. Whether we have really strict goals or just ideas of things we’d like to accomplish. If you don’t have something you’re working towards, then what are you really doing with your life? I can see how some would disagree and are happy/content with where they are at. Which I could take a lesson or two from that as well (my anxiety sometimes gets the best of me).

Sometimes my strive to continue working towards goals makes me pass by the little moments. This is something I need to soak in more and appreciate. Heck, right now I’m sick and I stayed home from work to rest, but I’m still getting shit done…like signing up for health insurance (how ironic).

This post is a little out of the ordinary as it doesn’t have a specific topic. You might as well get used to it, because I’ll be sharing some more journal type entries in the future. With a busy schedule it’s easier to write about what I’m currently working on and doing then coming up with a story. But hey, our lives are our stories right?!



What ‘shit’ are you getting done this summer?


-Espy Girl

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