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Even Girls Are Addicted To This Video Game

I know nothing about video games, but I’ve become addicted to one.

Well, I guess I know a bit about video games, I’ll admit, I’ve played my fair share of Super Smash Bros, Sonic, and Mario Party back in the day. However, I don’t really keep up with much of that at the ripe old age of 26, my boyfriend on the other hand, does. It can get pretty annoying when he stays up until 6am playing them. Yet, somehow, looking past all my crabbiness for his video game addiction I happened to become entranced with the game Hearthstone.

This alluring and highly addicting game can be played on any device really. I caught myself peering over at my boyfriend’s computer screen, questioning what this electronic card game was. He began to explain it and I decided, heck, let’s try something he enjoys doing! I downloaded the game on my iPhone (yes, you can play it on your phone, anywhere). After a quick install, I had to create a name, whatever that means. I understand it as a username like on Instagram. Wanting to sound clever, and perhaps a bit intimidating I came up with the name ‘MightyMeash’. Yeah, I’m pretty dang mighty, you should probably battle me.

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After just a couple hours, I won all of the practice battles and was well on my way to actual battles in the game. Yet, the app has this fun way of getting you to win with each character in order to unlock them. I found myself becoming frustrated at this silly little game, but I just couldn’t put it down. Next thing I knew, I had all of the characters (heroes as they call them) unlocked and my Hunter gained all of his classic cards!

See, when you battle, there are basic cards in your deck that each hero can use on top of special cards that only applies to specific heroes. You get around 3-5 cards depending if you get to go first. Then spend ‘Mana’ crystal things to purchase/use each card that is randomly drawn and put in your hand (the crystals you receive go up each round). Each card has a fancy calling you may say, or a power, whatever, ability? I don’t know. I just play the game. It’s not really something I can explain as I’m not fluent in the language of gamers.

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You can become one of nine heroes when battling. These consist of an array of mythical characters – Mage (starting hero), Hunter, Warrior,  Shaman, Druid, Warlock, Rogue, Priest, or Paladin. There are beasts, spells, demons, murlocs, mechs, dragons and more cards to collect and defeat helpless opponents with. Muah ha ha ha.

Once you start battling, you can unlock fancier cards with unique abilities, gain gold (to buy new cards), and level up your hero. There are even fun challenges like ‘Kobolds and Catacombs’ which can teach you more about how to use cards. I kind of prefer this option, instead of becoming angry at random people that beat me in play mode. There’s also an Arena, which I’ve heard only the best battle in. Not exactly that Mighty yet, but the Meash will get there!

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I encourage anyone and everyone to download this magical, electronic strategy card game. Especially those that have significant others who play video games. Then, you as well, can be in your own little gaming bubble while they are.

Or you could use it to pass the time in the waiting room at the Doctor’s office. Or waste a Sunday afternoon. OR annoy your parents as you’re ‘always on your phone’. Then you can tell them you are playing a STRATEGY game and it’s giving your brain a workout.

Too far? Maybe.

Anyways, download it, right now, and add ‘MightyMeash’ so we can get to know each other on the Hearthstone field.





Did ya dig this?

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  1. Thanks for this article. I will test this game

  2. This game looks super interesting! I will have to check it out. My company just launched a channel on Twitch so i’ve started to get really into the gaming world! 🙂

    • Awesome! I have a friend on twitch and just heard about it recently. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

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