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How A Challenge Leads To Something We’re Passionate About

Experiencing Espy Girl together evolved from what started as a challenge.

This is important, so pay close attention.

It’s not important just because it is the first Espy Girl post we get to experience together. It’s down right, the most absolutely vital reason we even get to be a part of this together.

Writing didn’t just pop up on some tarot card claiming to be my life purpose, no. In fact, you might be able to tell throughout these posts, english wasn’t my strongest subject in school. But hey, give me a break, I’m working on it.

As a child, art was my everything. It’s still a part of me. Just in a watered down way. I no longer reach for paint, pencils, or clay. The digital world kind of took over the right side of my brain. Photography stuck with me though. Not in a professional sort of manner, but just documenting life or sometimes for example, my realization something I drove by could have been a fabulous photograph (hate when that happens, turning around is hard work you all and I’m lazy have you read my about me?).

Here’s where the important part comes in. The vital reason we get to spend time together here at Espy Girl.

We all know, or have heard of, the 365 photo challenge right? Well, instead of becoming a better photographer, I’ve sort of, blossomed into some kind of writer. I’m not saying a skilled and enticing writer. Most of my posts contain similar words or may be repetitive. Yet, the challenge gave me a means of expression like a journal, except  open to the whole Facebook community. Getting myself to take on this challenge has helped me find something I truly enjoy, something that makes me happy, and brings me passion. We all want that right?

The 365 project pushes me to think about highlights of each day (living a fuller life and all that crap). I don’t want to be sappy and cheesy (well that sounds messy), but it’s true! Sometimes, the not so bright parts of the day are exposed. It brings out feelings that make me vulnerable (in a good way, I think?) by expressing emotions regarding relationships, places I visit, or just feelings I may encompass at that particular posting moment.

Included in these emotionally drowned posts a restaurant, artist name, and an event may be tagged, or someplace new I’ve been. Now this is common social media life, we tag everything. However, as I kept doing that and people reached out to me about these daily posts, I wanted to push myself further. So this encouraged me to contribute writing to a local entertainment magazine. This is where the magic started. My passion continues to grow as I challenge myself to try new things. I’ve interviewed a few local artists which has given me the opportunity to see what makes them happy. I often can see the passion in their body language, and hear it in their voice.

This is why we are on this journey together! To share each others passions with one another, discover new places, artists, and a variety of emotions. We all want to feel like someone understands us, someone notices our hard work, like we belong.

So I encourage you to challenge yourself, it could help you discover something you didn’t know you’re passionate about. What is something you do that you could branch out and push yourself further with? If it’s your own 365 photo challenge there are some wonderful tips here.

I look forward to us discovering new people, places, things, and emotions we may not have, if we didn’t do so together. Thank you for being a part of Espy Girl’s first post.

Feel free to follow me and all that stuff via the social media links on my home page, or leave me a comment. Perhaps even express your passion and we can set up an interview for a feature post: [email protected]

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  1. Congratulations on your first blog post! And what a great article! I love to challenge myself – it’s the way things get done!

    • Hi Karla! I’d love to connect and be blogging buddies! 😁

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