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Category: Musings

Share the Love Series: Eau Claire County Humane Association

Furry friends are the best friends. You can cuddle together, they don’t judge you, your attention means the world to them, they’re excited when you come home, they never argue – it’s quite literally the happiest and most loving relationship ever! Yet, there are thousands of animals that need to…

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Share the Love Series: Nourish Neighbors at The Community Table

We need food to live, it’s an essential part of life. Yet there are millions of people in the United States who are food insecure. It’s said to be around 41 million to be exact. I feel a little guilty typing that out, as I’m at a coffee shop eating…

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A Constant Search for Happiness in the Working World

Do you feel like you’re never satisfied with your job? Like happiness and work just don’t mix. Maybe it’s a Millennial thing? A variety of articles out there state – Millennials are having trouble finding happiness in their careers. They blame parents telling us, we can grow up to be anything and…


How A Challenge Leads To Something We’re Passionate About

Experiencing Espy Girl together evolved from what started as a challenge. This is important, so pay close attention. It’s not important just because it is the first Espy Girl post we get to experience together. It’s down right, the most absolutely vital reason we even get to be a part of…