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Fav. Local Business has a Permanent Location | Dotters Books

I am all about supporting local businesses, entrepreneurs, artists, you name it. There’s one business in particular that’s inspired me throughout this year whilst working on my writing and pushing myself to read more. That business is Dotters Books. Dotters is a small, local, women run and owned bookstore. (Women…

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What’s a Cirenaica Writers Retreat? – Learn About My First One.

A hop, skip and a jump backwards two weeks ago you probably wouldn’t have found me. I say that because I was chilling in a cabin with a handful of other writers. Welllll, maybe you would have found me because I’m kind of an Instagram junkie, but anyways. This little…

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My Mother’s Favorite Musician, Judy Collins, Comes to Town

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve known who Judy Collins is. Not that many Millennials seem to be familiar with the legendary folk singer songwriter. My mother used to sing her songs to me as I lay in bed awaiting for dreams to greet me. I specifically remember…

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My mental illness’ journey and where I’m at now.

It’s 3:40am, and I haven’t posted in a while. The cool thing about owning your own website, is you can literally write about whatever you desire. The difficult part is finding motivation to continuously update it, especially without any deadlines. I’m not sure if anyone will even manage to read…


Share the Love Series: Eau Claire County Humane Association

Furry friends are the best friends. You can cuddle together, they don’t judge you, your attention means the world to them, they’re excited when you come home, they never argue – it’s quite literally the happiest and most loving relationship ever! Yet, there are thousands of animals that need to…

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Share the Love Series: Nourish Neighbors at The Community Table

We need food to live, it’s an essential part of life. Yet there are millions of people in the United States who are food insecure. It’s said to be around 41 million to be exact. I feel a little guilty typing that out, as I’m at a coffee shop eating…

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